How do I make a reservation?

Please contact for reservations, or if you are a guest of an existing member please talk to them about making a reservation.  We also make it possible to pay guest fees via paypal on the website.

Can I Bring A Friend? 

The more the merrier! Provided there are bunks available you can bring as many people as you want!

Where can I ski/snowboard? 

This website includes links to the mountains we commonly visit.  Most of the time there are groups at either Wildcat or Attitash on most weekends.  On race weekends most of the club members head to the ski area hosting the race on that particular weekend. 

What about during the Summer months? 

We do a lot of hiking and rafting during the summer months and enjoy tubing trips down the Saco River.  We also take the opportunity to work on the house during a couple of weekends. 

Can I stay at the lodge during the week? 

Provided that there is a full member up on the dates you want to visit, yes. It should be noted that we are not a guest house and are looking to attract new full members or regular guests who share our interest in skiing and other sports. As well as the social aspect of the ski club scene! 🙂

What are your guest fees? 

Currently our guest fees are $25 per night.  Payment by paypal ahead of time attracts a small discount.

Where will I sleep?

We have a number of double and single beds.  Full members get first choice on bunks and guests will be assigned a bunk on arrival.  Returning guests are encouraged to make their room preference known at time of reservation and every effort will be made to accommodate.

Are meals included? 

No.  We generally cook and eat together at the house on the busier weekends.  Generally it is $10.00 a head and we all pitch in to make the meal.  Otherwise we tend to head to one of the many nearby restaurants.

Will the club provide lift tickets or ski equipment? 

We can offer discounts on lift tickets but generally you are expected to make your own arrangements with regard to lift tickets and travel to the ski areas.  Rental of ski equipment is inexpensive in the valley and skis can be rented for as little as $12 a day.

What should I bring? 

You’ll need bedding (sleeping bag or duvet), a bed sheet, a pillow, a towel, toiletries and anything else you’d take away for a weekend.  Oh, and your skis! 🙂

Who cleans the house? 

All full members take a chore each weekend to keep the house clean.  Guests are also encouraged to help keep the house in a fit state and assist with cleaning. 

Are Dogs Allowed? 

We have 4 full members who have dogs, and all get on well.  All dogs belonging to full mepers are expected to hold a dog membership. If you are a guest or prospective member and your dog gets on well with other dogs, and is fully house trained, arrangements could likely be made.  We try to limit the number of dogs at the house on any given weekend to ensure a good weekend for all hence please contact to confirm arrangements. 

Are children permitted? 

The club is generally for adults, 21 and older.  There are family clubs in the valley, please see the EICSL webpage for relevant clubs. We are currently trialing family membership and weekends on a limited basis at this time, if you are interested to learn more please contact us at  

How do I get to the club? 

Please see the About Us page for directions to the Lodge.